nduja caprese sandwich

Not a typo. Not gibberish.

The GS and I first discovered nduja (pronounced in-DOO-jah) in San Diego back in May. We had it as an appetizer at this awesome pizza place and loved it but then I kind of forgot about it.

The GS cooks for me on Valentine’s Day every year and this year he happened to find it at Whole Foods! So we had it as an app with some crusty bread pre- surf and turf (scallops and bone-in lamb filets).


I know, he still won’t guest blog.


So this here tube of magic is a spicy meat spread. It’s not really the right texture for dipping- you would definitely use it in place of hummus or mayo or some other condiment.


After V-Day when we still had some left over I wanted to make sandwiches with it.

(You’re thinking.. he makes scallops, and you make sandwiches. And you’re the food blogger. Got it.)

I probably shouldn’t call this caprese without tomato on it but I figured meat spread was filling in for the red team.

Vegetarians are so offended by this.


Toasted crusty bread, thick schmear of nduja, mozzarella, basil, and a drizzle of olive oil. Sea salt and cracked pepper. IT’S SO EASY.


We also did a version where the green team was broccoli rabe instead of basil but then it’s really not a caprese. I recommend going with basil but I bet arugula would also be excellent. Or both!

Now I’m just hungry for another tube.


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