twelve eggs, two desserts

30 days until #itheewedwards! or #EEgetsMcD. We’re still up in the air on that. Feel free to cast your votes here.

The past few weeks have been such a whirlwind of wedding fun. My bachelorette party was two weekends ago and it was the most surreal experience to have all of my favorite people in one place. My sisters planned a wine tour up at the lake. We had an awesome lunch at Knapp Winery (where I used to work) and then had been on our limo bus for about 10 minutes when the driver pulled into the gas station. I was a little annoyed, thinking he probably could have gotten gas before he picked us up. But then he got out and was walking around the car on his cell phone looking concerned.

So naturally Morgan got out, went into the gas station, and bought a 30 of Miller Lite which we started drinking in the parking lot. Then our driver told us that the brakes were completely shot and they couldn’t get us a new vehicle for three hours. But did we want to get back in said busted vehicle so he could bring us back to where we started from?

wine tour

Didn’t feel great about hopping back in a limo bus with no brakes, but we didn’t have much of an alternative aside from staying at the FasTrac with our quickly diminishing 30 of Miller. Luckily we survived the trip to the Boathouse Beer Garden, where we proceeded to clear out their supply of $1 Corona Lights (Cinco de Mayo special) and play some very poor games of corn hole. It was perfect. I also earned the title of “Bridechilla” which is the greatest compliment I’ve ever received.

We’ve also started getting some wedding/shower gifts which have been so generous and SO much fun to play with in the kitchen. The GS is a little put-off that most of the gifts are kitchen-related, but we know he benefits fully from me being able to use these gadgets.

My friend Nell sent us a dessert-themed gift, which included the Kitchen-Aid ice cream maker attachment and an angel food cake pan. I had way too much fun with both of these.

Started with the angel food cake. I went straight to Joy the Baker for a recipe, and she had gone straight to Alton Brown. So I felt pretty good about my choice.

I’m gonna be honest, angel food cake is not for the beginner baker. I also wouldn’t have attempted it without the stand mixer because my Body Pumping arms would have fallen off trying to do this with a hand mixer. The egg whites have to whip for days. But it came out FANTASTIC.


I also love that I had all these new toys but also my grandmother’s ancient sifter that always reminds me of her when I’m baking.


Night 1 I turned this into strawberry shortcake for us to enjoy with Kelly and Aaron while watching the Homeland finale.


Never one to be wasteful, I had hung on to the twelve egg yolks that remained after the twelve whites went into the cake.


Seemed serendipitous when the ice cream maker attachment arrived when I had egg yolks chilling (literally) in my fridge. So next I went to this recipe for a basic ice cream base.

Again, not really a beginner dessert. Making a custard is a little finicky. I did mine with almond milk and I probably wouldn’t do it again just because the signs that the custard is done weren’t there (sticking to the back of a spoon) and it was a little bit grainier than I would have liked. Next time I’ll opt for the full dairy option.


Took the leftover angel food cake and the leftover strawberries and tossed them right in there! I went aggressive with the quantities because I like every ice cream bite to have the good stuff in it.


If you’ve never made ice cream before, just make sure you plan ahead. The attachment is basically just a bowl that you have to completely freeze (for like 15 hours), and then the custard base churns inside it for 30 minutes or so. But it worked beautifully!


And this weekend I’m heading back to NY for a bridal shower thrown by my wonderful aunts! My goal is to not get any food on another white outfit. There may or may not have been a guacamole stain on that white dress post-bachelorette party. Blame it on the Coronas.


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