tikka masala chicken wings

This is not a recipe.

This is something I dreamed up in my head in the grocery store and was determined to do, and it came out so incredible that I had to share it with the world.

During the Dark Ages (when my leg was broken and I couldn’t cook) the GS found a jarred tikka masala sauce that we both liked and we had it with chicken and basmati rice. I might go so far to say that it became a signature dish of his.


If you’re feeling meh about Indian food, don’t abandon me yet.

And by “meh” I mean: “I don’t like Indian food even though I’ve never tried it, I just assume it will be exotic and upset my stomach.” You know who you are. Tikka masala is your gateway drug.

It’s basically tomato sauce but more interesting. And this is idiot proof.

All we’re doing is taking chicken wings and throwing them on the grill. No marinade, no preparation. We’re not even doing salt and pepper. Stay with me.

They go on the grill for 10-12 minutes, flip them, and then another 10-12 minutes.


I told you I was determined to share this. Rain or shine.

Then we toss the crispy deliciously charred wings in this store bought sauce and THAT IS IT FOLKS.



I did make basmati rice and toss some scallions in there for a side dish, but if you’re in a pinch for an MDW party tomorrow, wow your friends with these suckers.


I may never go back to regular buffalo wings. Especially since these also go swimmingly with a good craft beer. Here’s a photo of the aftermath.





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