a little DIY in my new apartment!

Holy moly it’s been a crazy 10 days.

I went back to Baltimore to fully move out of my house and go to a wedding with the GS (congrats Mark & Marisa!!).

We tag teamed these gifts for the groomsmen (don’t worry, we got them an actual present, too).

wedding 004

The GS and I had gone to Elliot’s Pour House for drinks one night with Mark (groom) and Mark was saying how much he liked drinking beer out of a mason jar, so my creative juices and Ethan’s wallet made these happen. They took all of 5 minutes to assemble but you would think I gave each guest a mahogany box with his or her individual birthstone inside it (name that TV reference!)

I was really sad to leave Baltimore but I like Rochester so far! I start my job tomorrow (yikes) and I don’t have any friends (shocking) but I loooove my apartment. These pictures don’t do it justice.

I’ve been trying to get it together so that it feels like home before I start working full time. Thank goodness for my wonderful mother who has already made two trips up here to help me move, and has gone thrifting with me and strapped a boxspring to the roof of her car and helped me sand and prime my dresser. (And has bought me lunch twice while here.)

I wish I had taken a before picture, but I love this thing. I especially love not rooting through duffle bags and storage  bins looking for clothes.

wedding 018

It’s a Thomasville dresser that we found for $100 with the matching mirror, and then I put about $30 into refinishing it. You can’t really tell in this picture but the trim of the dresser and the mirror both have this really cool dental detail on it (a bitch to paint) which is my favorite part. I decided to use the old fixtures and just spray painted them an antique nickle color to save a little dinero. There’s a fire escape out my bedroom window and I’ve been popping out the screen and climbing through it to paint furniture out there.

Just to be clear, I didn’t heave the dresser through my window. Body Pump only takes you so far. I’m talking the handles, and a small chair for my desk.

We found the lamp that you can see in the background in the same store. Lamp & night stand in one!

I also put together one of those cabinets that they sell at Target for $25 and is held together with basically wooden dowels and has cardboard on the back. I didn’t snap a pic of that thing. It’s just for my bathroom.

My KITCHEN is obviously the most important and it is tiny. Very little storage space. I found this great buzzfeed and I’m working my way through some of the ideas. I especially love the baby food jar/magnet/spice idea but it seemed really time consuming so I may get to that down the road.

All of my cabinets are really small so I liked the idea of hanging my pots and pans on the wall.

wedding 017

I did the curtain rod to hold my pot lids thing too, although I’m not entirely confident in my mounting skills with this one. The hot glue gun may have made an appearance…

wedding 021

I reused the paints from my dresser for this project too, though I may re-paint it with a brighter shade once I figure out the color scheme for the kitchen. I also installed an extra shelf in my front closet (the top one was already there). Try not to look too closely- it’s a little crooked. The bottom one I added to store all of my spices and random baking ingredients.

wedding 020

Note to self: when things at Lowe’s say in the instructions that you need a drill to install them, you need a damn drill.

I manually made holes in my walls by screwing one of these in each time. I bet my neighbors appreciate my quieter act of stupidity.

wedding 019

Since I’ve been such a handy WOman I haven’t cooked anything. Literally I ate a bowl of peas last night for dinner. (Why do I think this is a thing?) I promise the next post there will be food, and less parentheses.

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