aunt pat’s oatmeal cookies

I’m already sad that I’ll probably have to leave Rochester after my residency is done in a year.

That’s stupid, I know.

But I love it! Here are some highlights:

1) Everyone at my job is so nice. They love each other and seem like they are friends outside of work and I want to be in their friend group. Invite me to sit at the popular table!! Also it’s 9 women and one man (the director) and they treat him like the annoying but lovable brother and the dynamic is excellent. Plus I’ve already seen some crazy cases- like stuff I just learned about in class or read about and now it’s REAL LIFE. Nerdy.

2) I joined a gym! When I was leaving Baltimore I told the GS that I would miss him the most and that my gym was a close second. He said “I know, but you can still go there when you come visit me!” This is why I love him. This new gym isn’t as nice as Merritt but it’s really close to my apartment and I’ve already made TWO FRIENDS. Count ’em. TWO. This gym doesn’t have Body Pump.. but I’m working on changing that.

3) Wegmans is 5 minutes away. Enough said.

4) My neighborhood is beautiful. And not just because of the Wegmans. I’ve gone on a few long runs and it’s a good mix of hipster coffee places and cute boutiques and huge Tudor homes (that I promptly Zillow when I get back). My mom and I had lunch at two great places- Spot Coffee on East Ave, and Magnolia’s on Park Ave.

wedding 014

Chicken feta at Spot, and Ericka’s Chicken at Magnolia’s. Good thing I branch out.

wedding 016

5) Living alone = never needing to wear pants.

6) Cookie dough in my fridge, always. I made these cookies of Aunt Pat’s and didn’t want to be that girl who brought everyone cookies on the first day of work (read: trying too hard) so I’ve been baking them two at a time for dessert for myself. Send me your address, I probably have enough dough for about 25 more. I only made half of the recipe and it’s still a lot.

These cookies are a camp staple, and we decided that they are healthy enough to pass for breakfast food. Or a mid-morning snack, at least. Aunt Pat wrote the recipe down on a paper plate over MDW, and I took a picture of it. That picture got passed around more times than the one of Uncle Alan passed out drunk on his yoga mat.

artichokes 009

Just kidding, that doesn’t exist.


Or does it?

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  1. pathalewilson says:

    So glad you are enjoying Rochester, your colleagues…and the cookies!

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