what’s on my kindle, part 39

Know My Name by Chanel Miller. This is a memoir written by the woman who was sexually assaulted by Brock Turner (the Stanford swimmer). Her witness statement was published by Buzzfeed back in 2016 when her trial was going on, but she was always listed as “Emily Doe.” The book is AMAZING. Highly recommend the audiobook version even though it’s quite long. My mom managed to get through it in like a day and a half. Should be required reading for all humans, but especially high schoolers going to college.

Will my child one day tell her therapist that her changing table was a bar cart?

Three Women by Lisa Taddeo. I actually had no idea what this was about but it was recommended so I put a hold on it. It’s the (supposedly true) stories of three women (duh) who each have unique sexual experiences. I get why everyone is talking about it but I kind of suffered through it. Perhaps because I was coming off of Catch & Kill and Know My Name. It was a lot of sexual assault for one week.

I’ve Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella. So after that depressing trilogy of books I knew I wanted something light. SK is typically a safe bet for that, but this one was REALLY bad. My bar is set differently when I’m reading this kind of book- I expect it to be kind of silly and inconsequential but I actually stopped reading this at 70% because I couldn’t do it anymore.


The Names of the Dead by Kevin Wignall. I got this through Kindle First and it was pretty regular. Kind of a wannabe I Am Pilgrim/ Da Vinci Code mashup. Probably skip.

All This Could Be Yours by Jami Attenberg. This was a Skimm read which I’ve decided are so hit or miss. It’s about all the family members of a scummy guy who has a heart attack in his early 70s and is on his deathbed in the hospital. It’s kind of boring and depressing. I shouldn’t have finished it.

Ministry of Brewing- can’t wait to go back here once we’re out of this quarantine.

What Happens in Paradise by Elin Hilderbrand. This is the sequel to Winter in Paradise which is Elin’s only book that isn’t set in Nantucket (it’s in St. John). I always love these books, especially the audiobooks. They are the perfect thing to listen to while driving or while getting stuff done around the house. Elin never disappoints.

Nothing to See Here by Kevin Wilson. This was SO great. It’s kind of bizarre but made me laugh out loud- I highly highly recommend doing the audiobook if you can because the narration is just perfect. It reminded me of Righteous Gemstones (if you haven’t watched this yet, what are you even doing? Oh, reading? Right.) Sheila and I have already cast the whole movie.

Found this spool table at a thrift store in Savannah, then used the rest of the peel and stick wallpaper from our bedroom on the middle!

Do You Mind if I Cancel? by Gary Janetti. You might know Gary Janetti from Instagram- at least this is how I know him. He makes all these posts about Prince George hating Meghan Markle and it’s pretty entertaining. I didn’t love his book, but I do recommend following him on Instagram for a laugh.

After Anna by Lisa Scottoline. My mom recommended this to me. We both agree that Lisa Scottoline’s books are hit or miss. I personally thought the writing was really bad but in my mom’s defense she listened to the audiobook so sometimes it sounds a little less false that way. I did think the timing/perspective was really interesting: her perspective, before, and his perspective, after- but in reverse order (i.e. Trial Day 7, Trial Day 6, Trial Day 5, etc.).

Including Louise on the group FaceTime.

Next up: Attached by Amir Levine and Long Bright River by Liz Moore. What are you reading in this quarantine??

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