I love this word. Snickerdoodle. Bahaha.

Also Jess from How Sweet It Is must seriously think we’re stalking her. She’s mentioned in basically every other post. But let me explain something.

I read food blogs like most people read the newspaper. (This might be why I’m politically unaware.) I cannot be productive until I get my daily dose of How Sweet It is, Can You Stay for Dinner, Peas and Thank You, Joy the Baker, and A Foodie Stays Fit. When I read about how they go to conventions and hang out together it feels like middle school when I wanted to get invited to join the popular girls’ lunch table. (Never happened.) (Sheila sat there.)

But now that it looks like we have people other than our immediate families and friends reading this, maybe we’ll hit it big some day. Maybe I’ll even spring and pay the $17 to remove the “.wordpress” from our blog title. Hint hint, this is your birthday present in January, Sheep.

Today I made these snickerdoodles because after eating chocolate chips by the handful I realized I didn’t have enough left in the bag to make a recipe with chocolate. I’m gross, but they were delicious.

I received complaints from Kelly and her man candy about the quality of the photo of them that I posted in the buffalo shrimp po boy post. I explained that a) they posed so it’s fair game and b) it is my right as the author to post whatever pictures I choose for the sake of a self deprecating joke. But to even the score, I allowed Kelly to take this one of me in my Sunday best:

Are you happy? This is full disclosure. This is how I look any time I’m at home. Yes those are slipper socks, the infamous “sweatpant leggings” (they’re somewhere in between), and our varsity swim team rugby shirts from high school that I used to dance to S Club 7 songs in on the pool deck.

Please be friends with me, food bloggers?

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