turkey meatball and kale soup

February is almost over so I realize I’m pushing it by posting another soup. I’m not sure what my deal was this winter but I wanted all of my meals in soup form. Pure comfort. And pure laziness. I threw this together in about 20 minutes last Saturday and then just reheated it for Sunday….

homemade chicken stock & chicken noodle soup

Or, another installment of “24 Going on 75.” I know I shouldn’t complain about how long my break is but I reallyyyy don’t know how to handle idle time. I’ve been doing a lot of sewing, including these flannel Ikat pajama pants that I’m now living in because I don’t leave the house. I’m trying…

potato & leek soup

It’s weird to think that in a few short weeks, representatives from HGTV will be coming to my house to tell me that I won the 2013 Dream Home. I’ll be coincidentally wearing my Kiawah t-shirt, and they’ll tell me that they’re throwing in an even bigger cash prize because I’m a struggling grad student….

french onion soup

Happy New Year, invisible friends! I hope you all had a sloppy evening full of delicious appetizers and cheap champagne. I know I did. What does the new year mean? Well, for starters, I’ll still be dating everything 2012 until at least February which is super annoying. 2013 will be the year that the classiest…

silom thai cooking school

Okay, jet lag sucks. I haven’t been able to stay up past 10:00, and last night I actually fell asleep while watching Revenge. Who does that?! But I just caught up on 2 weeks of How Sweet It Is and that breathed some life back into me. I want to make her latest crock pot…