tomato sauce many ways

I alluded to this on Instagram last week, but I have a new obsession with Marcella Hazan’s tomato sauce.

It is extremely basic- whole tomatoes (I’ve done canned and fresh, both are great), one whole onion, butter, and salt. That’s it.

I recognize I’m very late to the party here- this recipe has been around and talked about for ages. But the GS and I also just started watching Succession, if that helps to paint a picture of how “with it” I am.

I don’t really see it as a replacement for my usual sauce recipe, as in it’s not one that I would make with meatballs. But it is SO fast and easy, and somehow seems lighter to me which is great for summer. I’ve made it several times now just to serve with spaghetti, but I’ve also adapted it.

The one I posted about on Instagram involved adding the onion back in (you should never actually “discard” it, as the recipe suggests, because it’s delicious and I’ve literally eaten it plain) as well as curry powder and chili garlic sauce. Then I stirred in some lentils and we had it over rice with this naan.

The next morning I went for shakshuka vibes, baking some eggs in the leftovers and topping with feta and basil. It was fantastic.

For the next batch, I added corn! Cut the corn off three ears, and added the cobs to the sauce to simmer.

Then I cooked some gnocchi, and added the corn to the sauce just a few minutes before I was going to serve it. I wanted the corn to still be super fresh and crunchy. Freshly grated parm and basil leaves.

This is how many of our dinners look these days. Picnic blanket and baby dolls in tow.

And last but certainly not least, I served it over some tortellini and with some homemade focaccia for dipping.

Many thanks, Marcella.

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