jackfruit sliders

This is less a recipe and more a public service announcement.

I had heard about jackfruit as a vegan substitute for pulled pork, and was skeptical at best. Fruit, subbing for delicious fatty shredded slow cooked meat? Hard pass.

But then a few months ago we went to Great Sage, an all vegan restaurant, and they had it on the menu. I figured if anyone was going to do it well, it would be this place. And I was pleasantly surprised!

So ever since I’ve been wanting to recreate it at home. Unfortunately Harris Teeter doesn’t carry jackfruit, but this week I had the chance to detour to Trader Joe’s and found it. You can also buy it on Amazon, just make sure you get it in brine and not in syrup. IMG_0088.jpg

After that it’s just choosing any barbecue sauce you like (I found a sriracha and roasted garlic one at TJ’s that I couldn’t pass up) and some soft rolls! The GS says “Hawaiian or bust.”

You drain the jackfruit and put it on the stove, covered in the barbecue sauce, for about 20 minutes. It starts to soften up and shred JUST LIKE PORK.


Then just scoop on your buns and top with a little chopped kimchi.

So yummy and you feel better about eating three when it’s fruit. AND it all comes together in about 20-25 minutes which is clearly faster than the carnivorous variety.


Add these to your weeknight rotation STAT.

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