sweet potato curly fries

Enter… two more kitchen toys.

Is this like a fashion blog where you think “Okay yes she looks fantastic but so would I, if I had all these designer clothes?”

Or is it like “she clearly doesn’t read fashion blogs.”

The other day on my Instagram story (@spilllthebeansblog) I shared a photo of our new air fryer! And asked everyone what I’m supposed to do with it. Sheila responded “chicken nuggets” but I got crickets from all 18 of the other people who viewed my story.

I’m not sure why I’m surprised that I have so few followers when I don’t tell anyone this blog exists.

At a work meeting a couple of months ago there was some discussion about having a presence on social media on behalf of our company, and I made a comment that it’s really easy to have two Twitters, two Instagrams, etc. and switch back and forth. My coworker was like “Why do you have two Twitters?”

You would think she asked me if I was secretly dealing drugs on the side.

“Uhhh. Well. I don’t really use Twitter that often actually. More into Instagram. Um. I have a food blog.”

Because she’s a normal human being and we are friends she didn’t think this was weird at all and asked what the blog is called so she can follow it. So Lindsey, if you’re reading, thanks for your patience.

And if you DO follow the blog, you can follow my Instagram because I’m going to try to be better at posting things on my story. I’m currently sharing the obnoxiously long journey to making your own sourdough bread. Tune in for some riveting photos of dough in a bowl.

I think it’s a fun way to connect with people and show you the general haphazardness of my life on an additional platform.



I got the spiralizer attachment for the Kitchen-Aid, per Sheila’s suggestion, and it is SO much more fun than the hand-crank version I bought for $11 on Amazon a couple of years ago. You can make fun shapes- I haven’t even tried all the blades yet- but we did zoodles the other night with the leftover vodka sauce and, while they had nothing on real pasta, they were pretty yummy and gorgeous.

I spiralized two sweet potatoes.


I would say this makes 4 servings, depending on your sweet potato size.


While they were spiralizing, I used some kitchen scissors to trim them so that we didn’t have 3 feet-long french fries.


Then I tossed them with an assortment of spices from my magnetic spice rack, including garlic powder, chili powder, and dried mustard. Plus a little salt and peppa. But you can season these however you want to!

Basically an air fryer is like a hair dryer for your food. It whips hot air around super fast to crisp things up more than you would get in a regular oven in less time, but without all the fat from real frying in oil. They do recommend that you use a teaspoon or so of oil (I used canola, because of the smoke point) and just a quick shake is good.

You preheat your air fryer (how cute is it!?!) to 400 degrees and then just let it go.


It’s a good idea to shake the basket a few times to make sure everything is getting evenly crispy. Mine took around 10 minutes in total.


I messed up and didn’t do a dipping sauce but I recently made this Chick-Fil-A sauce and it was aaaaamazing, or you could do sriracha mayo or even green goddess?! Clearly making these a staple with assorted dippers ASAP.

I’ll Instagram it.



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  1. Mary Beth harfmann says:

    You might get an endorsement deal on kitchen appliances-I want an air fryer now!
    Are you calling GS “The Mr” now?
    Love your blog❤️

    1. Haha seriously no bride has ever been this excited over wedding gifts!! I like “The Mr.” better than “my husband.” I may consider the switch!!

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