potatoes au gratin

We are in full blown wedding prep mode- two weeks!

Our house is basically covered in wedding paraphernalia and to-do lists. I’ve been working on escort cards, hotel gift bags, centerpieces, etc. And my mom is coming down this weekend for my final dress fitting and to deliver a whole carload of other stuff.

We’ve also been taking dance lessons! If you’re coming to the wedding, don’t get your hopes up. After our first lesson, our teacher said “Maybe you guys can come back like twice a week?”

I think it’s a good thing for our relationship, too, because I have to let the GS lead. It’s really challenging, not because he’s bad at it but because I am an insane control freak. Last night I started before him (in my defense, I started on beat) and was gently chastised. “You HAVE to let him lead, even if he’s off the beat for the entire time you’re dancing.”

Oh Tabitha. She doesn’t know me at all.

My aunts threw me the loveliest shower a couple of weeks ago on the same day as the royal wedding. I was not even remotely close to exuding the classy vibes of Megan Markle with my frizzy fishtail braid, but I did feel very loved surrounded by my aunts, cousins, mom, sister, and friends. And by this cupcake dress.


One of the shower gifts was a mandolin and I have been DYING for one of these, specifically for potatoes. You really can’t do this dish without one. I’ve now made this three times in the past two weeks, each time with a slightly different spin.

First you need potatoes (duh). I used red skin potatoes, but yukon gold would also work well. Basically I only buy these two kinds because they don’t require peeling.

We thinly slice them using the mandolin. I was still getting used to adjusting the thickness so some of these look thicker than I prefer, but you can really get them like PAPER thin.


I spritzed a little cooking spray in my cast iron skillet, then layered these in and topped with salt and pepper.

Next layer is going to be the onions. How many times can I express how much I adore the smell of onions and garlic in my house?


OH AND. We got All Clad pots and pans and I basically cried. It’s a long story that involves a friend’s aunt, a QVC addiction, hoarding tendencies, and a garage sale.

I’m still getting used to them because they are not technically “non-stick” but I’m obsessed with how they look and I know we’ll have them forever.

So the three variations on this were all with the onion layer. Once the onions and garlic are nice and soft, you add SOMETHING to make it sort of creamy. The first time I used… cream. The second time, plain Greek yogurt. And the third time, eggs. All three were fantastic.

I also impulse-bought Wild Garlic Havarti cheese and it melted so wonderfully and I can never have too much garlic flavor. I used the havarti and a sprinkle of parmesan. But whatever you have works!

We layer potatoes, onion mixture, cheese. Potatoes, onion mixture, cheese. I only had room to do this twice but you can go to town.


This bakes at 375 for 40 minutes with foil over it, and then another 20-25 with the foil off.


This morning we’re going over to the courthouse to get our marriage license! The GS wants to know if this means he can switch over to my health insurance today.



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