make-ahead mediterranean salad


Hey hey we’re on vacation!

The GS and I drove down to Savannah from Baltimore on Saturday. We’ve established that I’m the better co-pilot and he’s the better pilot, but I took the first driving shift because I’m also more of a morning person than he is. Which meant he was in charge of finding us a lunch spot.

He picked “The Fried Turkey” in Fayetteville, NC. This is something I would never choose because it was more than 4 minutes off the highway, but technically we weren’t in a rush so I let it happen. And I have to give him props because I had an awesome sandwich there that I will probably try to recreate for you soon.

Typically when I’m driving for work, I will neglect to stop for lunch. Partially for health reasons (seems like my only options off 95 are McDonald’s and Arby’s) but also because I’m incredibly impatient and don’t like to delay getting home. So I try to pack lunches if I can, and I think this is going to be my new favorite.

It’s inspired by a lunch I DID find while traveling. Seems bleak to say I have a favorite meal at the Cleveland airport, but it’s a fact. It came from Currito, which I’m pretty sure is a chain. But we can pretend it’s a Cleveland delicacy. I really like this as a make-ahead salad because there’s no dressing. You just dollop the tzatziki and the hummus on there, and stir them in when you’re ready to eat!

Make-Ahead Mediterranean Salad

shredded chicken

brown rice

chopped lettuce

diced tomatoes

diced red onion

chopped scallions

tzatziki sauce (Greek yogurt, cucumber, dill)



I love to use a rotisserie chicken here as even more of a shortcut.


Cook the brown rice according to directions and let it cool. Then we just assemble. I like to do rice, lettuce, a mix of tomato and red onion, chicken, scallions, feta, tzatziki and hummus. Then you just stir it all together when you’re ready to eat.


This is really barely a recipe but I’m not sorry.


Putting it together in a takeout container makes it even more official.


So much flavor and so filling. Feel free to enjoy at home or in a moving vehicle.


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