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Last week we lost my Aunt Chrissie after a 3 1/2 year battle with cancer.

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She was an amazing person. I think if you asked anyone who knew her to describe her in one word, it would be “sweet.” But what we learned through her struggle with cancer is that she was equally as strong as she was kind.

She was a pediatric nurse practitioner for many years, and there were countless women who came to the wake to pay their respects and told stories of how she had cared for their babies, listened to their concerns, and given them confidence as new moms. One woman said she called the help line at the pediatric office and asked to speak to Chrissie for 87 straight days. And I have no doubt that she was just as compassionate and patient on Day 87 as she was on Day 1. She was truly unlike anyone I’ve ever known and we will miss her so much. We are finding comfort in knowing that she is reunited with my Uncle Gary, who passed away 10 years ago in July.

After the services up in Syracuse, we had to head to Vermont for a wedding. We decided to make a pit stop (sort of) along the way in Montreal. I had never been and it is really such a cool city.

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We split some fish and chips at Comptoir 21.

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Then we walked down to the Old Port and found a sort of divey bar that had great local beer.


We spent most of the next day down in the Old Port as well. Even though I’ve never been to Europe I imagine that’s what many of the streets feel like.

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I now realize I didn’t take any good pictures of that part but I promise it’s good and you should go. The GS speaks French so he loves Montreal because it’s such a bilingual city. He spoke French with everyone we encountered, but then I would totally blow our cover by saying THANK YOU when a server came to drop off food. They would really hate me in France.


Then we were off to VT!


The GS’ co-worker got married at his parents’ house/massive gorgeous yard in Montpelier, VT. On the way, we hit Magic Hat Brewing in Burlington and the Ben & Jerry’s Factory in Waterbury.


Magic Hat has a great tour so I recommend it if you’re in the area.

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Montpelier (the capital of Vermont, by the way) was really cute and fun to walk around. And we really did see the same people everywhere. The waitress from the night before in the coffee shop the next morning, the yoga instructor at the farmer’s market. I felt like I was in The Truman Show.

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Our AirBnb was right next to the New England Culinary Institute restaurant, so we went in for dinner and had ceviche, Mexican street corn, and Korean beef brisket.

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The bride and groom had a welcome party at Down Home Kitchen and it was such a cool spot that we went back the next day for a post-lunch drink. Bloody Mary for the GS and kombucha on tap for me.


The Three Penny Taproom was probably our favorite spot- SO many local beers to choose from.

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And then of course the gorgeous wedding. They had the perfect day and it was such a nice ceremony and fun reception.

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There was a big tent up top where we ate great family style food and they had a live band. Also some very entertaining toasts- is it even a wedding in Vermont if someone’s speech doesn’t turn political?

All in all it was over 1,300 miles in about four days and an emotional whirlwind, but we got to see some spots we had never been before.

And I like to think my Aunt Chris had something to do with all the sunshine.

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  1. Mary Beth Harfmann says:

    Great tribute to chris-she was def one of sweetest ! Sounds like a great time in your travels! Love living vicariously through you

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