cinnamon rolls

I made these over 4 months ago! Solid blogging.

Sheila told me the Pioneer Woman’s cinnamon rolls were the best, so I decided to try them. I made the dough right before I went home for Christmas, and I was thinking Kevin would have so much fun rolling them out with me and doing the cinnamon sugar and glaze business. Fun brother sister activities!!

Then I remembered he’s 15 years old and hates the world.

Oh and then I forgot to bring the cinnamon roll dough home with me.

Luckily I called the GS in a panic when I realized I forgot the dough, and he was able to get it into the freezer for me so I could make them when I got back.

I did all the spreading and rolling and twisting (see this super cool video on my new instagram page), and then realized I didn’t have the stuff to make the Pioneer Woman’s maple glaze. If you’re keeping track, I’m now 0 for 3 with this recipe.

I improvised and made one with vanilla almond milk and powdered sugar. Shockingly it actually tasted really good.

Your other option is to skip the glaze and serve them with ice cream instead, which I highly recommend.

So if I get points for the video, the makeshift glaze, and the ice cream, I think I’m breaking even?


I used this recipe exactly, except I added some vanilla to the milk mixture because I had some vanilla bean pods that I was itching to use.

FullSizeRender_4 (2)

The dough is so soft and pillow-y and warm I want to sleep in this pot forever and ever.


You can see the little vanilla bean specks in there! You’ll roll it out, spread it with (more) butter and cinnamon sugar, and then roll it up.

They’ll bake and make your house smell better than any candle.


Serving them warm over ice cream is an excellent dessert.


On second thought, I think I get 2 points for the video. Everybody wins with these.

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