wine slushies

Just got back from the greatest four days at the lake!


The weather was perfect and we did some cool stuff like hiking Buttermilk Falls (see above!)

The only unfortunate incident happened on the golf course. My mom, my grandma, Aaron, Kevin and I went out to play 9 holes at the local course. It was all going relatively smoothly until the 9th hole.

I haven’t been playing that often so my skills have been inconsistent at best. My second shot went left, left, left. Into the parking lot. My mom really shouldn’t have parked where she did.


I still don’t quite understand the physics behind a golf ball striking a window hard enough to break it, but then bouncing 50 feet back. And into play.

No penalty strokes.

Needless to say after 2 hours in the 90+ degree heat and one broken window later, I was ready for a wine slushie.

One of our favorite camp delicacies comes from Buttonwood Winery.


We’ve done the tastings at all the wineries out there a million times, but these wine slushies never get old. Worth all $7.

Buttonwood is nice enough to give away the recipe- equal parts Blackberry Briar wine and Sprite, stick it in the freezer and let it slush.


Now, not everyone has time for the freezing part. Sometimes you need a slushie rightthisminute.

Luckily, my mom had a stroke of genius as to how to make this happen.


Take the popsicles off the stick and throw them in a blender with the wine. So refreshing and not overly sweet.


If you’re not going to be in Romulus, NY any time soon, you can probably substitute the blackberry wine for any sweet red wine.

One box of popsicles made about 3 generous slushies. But you can easily multiply this. And you should.

My mom is going to need one since she’s driving around Camillus with a tarp taped over her back window. Whoops.


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