blackberry smash

I know, I’m posting a cocktail. Who am I?

Did I mention my New Year’s resolution was to be more fun in 2016? That’s probably a pretty sad resolution for a 26 year old to need to make, but we’ll move past that.

I’ve been trying to be more social and do fun things on the weekends. A few weeks ago, the GS and I went out for drinks and dinner with Kelly and Aaron. Actually, I should say the GS took us all out for drinks and dinner, because he lost a golfing bet with Aaron.

These ongoing golf bets with the loser buying dinner for 4 are really a win-win for Kelly and I.

We went out in Mt. Vernon-drinks at The Brewer’s Art and then Poets, and then had dinner at Tio Pepe. #SangriaTeeth


I would say when I drink, 95% of the time it’s beer. Preferably craft. Don’t even show me a Miller Lite. I’m a snob.

Sometimes I’ll drink wine, but if beer is an option I always pick that. Never liquor. Not since college, when I didn’t need to make such a conscious effort to be fun.

But at this particular bar (Poets), the drinks just looked so CLASSY. I figured I had to do it.


Then it was so delicious that I decided to replicate it. As a happy accident, Kelly recently won a bottle of this citrus vodka.


Enter: pitchers of cocktails on Easter Sunday!

Blackberry Smash Cocktail

Citrus vodka

Blackberry liquor

Bitter lemon soda

Ice, fresh blackberries and lemon slices, for serving

I looked for Fever Tree bitter lemon soda and couldn’t track it down in stores. I briefly contemplated buying a 24 pack on Amazon, but ultimately decided that wasn’t the best use of $49.

The GS came to the rescue and found a recipe!

For one drink, I mashed some blackberries at the bottom of the glass, and added ice. I used one shot of vodka, 1/2 shot blackberry liquor, and filled the rest of the glass with the bitter lemon soda.

FullSizeRender_1 (2)

I tried to keep these proportions for a pitcher, but you may have to play with the ratios depending on how strong or sweet you like it. You may also want to add extra tonic water to the drink- the boys thought it was a little sweet.

It’s such a perfect spring/summer drink, and the blackberries and lemon slices make it pretty and special for guests!


Just to clarify, I don’t necessarily equate “being fun” with alcohol. Sometimes I go out to lunch, or spend the entire weekend watching House of Cards at Ian and Meg’s. This weekend I have big plans at Joann Fabrics!

Living on the edge.

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