spicy slow cooker sandwich w/ pickled slaw

Well hello!

I’ve been without a laptop for two weeks, hence my absence.

Last Monday when I went to start working in the AM, my laptop just wouldn’t turn on. Naturally, I assumed the cause was user error. Apparently the GS did, too, because when I texted him he said “Did you try plugging it in?”


To his credit, my first idea was to take out the battery and blow on it like we used to with Nintendo 64/VHS tapes. Remember that?!

Shockingly, that didn’t work. I didn’t disclose this step to the Dell employee I spoke with when troubleshooting.

They ended up having me ship it all the way out to headquarters in California and they had to do a bunch of stuff to it that I don’t understand (what’s a motherboard?) but I finally got it back! Yay for blogging!

I also didn’t disclose to IT that one of the main reasons for my urgency was a desire to get back into food blogging.

The good news is that in the two weeks I’ve been waiting, I’ve made this recipe twice. So I can 100% attest that it’s worth it for you to try.


Spicy Slow Cooker Sandwich w/ Pickled Slaw

3-4 pounds meat- the first time I used pork butt, second time chicken thighs

this marinade from HowSweetEats (the second time I doubled the recipe)

bread of your choice

carrots and red cabbage, to be pickled like this

thinly sliced cucumbers

So when Jessica made this, she used pork shoulder. Sheila did as well, and sang its praises from the rooftops. Or through text. Same thing.

The only pork shoulder Harris Teeter had was 9 pounds, which I found aggressive. I did it with pork butt, and found it way too fatty. However, the GS liked it better with pork so it’s really up to you.


The second time I used a big package of chicken thighs (SuperBowl Sunday food!) and doubled the marinade. I preferred this because it “pulled” much easier and I wasn’t fishing out fatty chunks.


I grated some carrots and chopped cabbage, and stuck it in that spicy pickling liquid. I ate a fair amount of this plain, as well. Then the thinly sliced cucumber just completes the whole messy sandwich and adds some green.


It’s also amazing as leftovers. I even packed it to bring with me to West Virginia this week and ate it for dinner in my hotel.


…while watching Netflix on my iPad. Really putting these company tools to good use.



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