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True life: this is yet another way that I get out of posting a recipe. Eeeeek. I did a cleanse (which was not a success this time, but more on that later), last week I was in West Virginia, and this week I’m in Cleveland! I also did this crazy Les Mills day of exercise on Saturday, and I tried to make protein balls Friday night but those were an epic fail.

Last night I made pasta with broccoli rabe, crispy prosciutto, and crumbled Pecorino-Romano cheese. I was going to blog the recipe, but it’s kind of a cop-out. Because I just gave it to you in one sentence.

It was good though! Even reheated in the airport tonight prior to departing for Cleveland. Because yes I pack dinners for the airport.

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So I’ve been toying with the idea of sharing some of my obsessions with you. There is no rhyme or reason to this list other than it’s stuff I like. Basically I’m Oprah and these are my favorite things, but I’m not footing the bill to give you any of them. Let’s give it a shot.

Broccoli rabe. As mentioned above, I’m loving this veg. Ethan’s family introduced me to it, actually, and I’m hooked. You might find it called “rappi” or “rappini” in the grocery store, so don’t be fooled. It’s by the kale ‘n’ collards. Saute it with some olive oil and a whole bunch of garlic. Like 3 cloves. Trust me.

Sam Smith. I’m sad that I’m too cheap to continue Apple Music when my 3 month trial expires at the end of the month because I’ve been listening to Sam Smith almost exclusively. And Adele’s Hello, obviously. I’m obsessed with him. Especially this one.


Speaking of music, the GS and I saw Jon McLaughlin at The Hamilton in DC last week, and I loooooved it. I saw Jon at the 930 Club in DC like 4 years ago and fell in love. He is a beautiful man and plays the piano like nothing I’ve ever seen. The Hamilton is a really cool venue because you can sit and order dinner and watch a concert.


StitchfixI think I may have mentioned my PTSD-like symptoms surrounding shopping. I think because I was broke in grad school I really tried to avoid spending money on clothes. Now, I’ll go and try a bunch of stuff on and get in the check out line and then freak out and put everything back. And I’m at Old Navy, people, not Neiman Marcus. Stitchfix is a really cool way to A) let someone else style you after your sister tells you that “You dress business casual, like, all the time.” and B) the clothes just show up at your house and then you can send them back if you want! But I didn’t, because my stylist nailed it. I’ve worn everything at least twice already. I also love Fabletics– the stuff is cute and great quality.

Rent the Runway. With all the weddings this summer, I ended up becoming an RTR regular. I really love it. It’s fun to rent stuff, and I didn’t want to buy a bunch of dresses that I wouldn’t wear again. A lot of the rentals are very reasonable, and they have promo codes pretty often. I think this was my favorite dress that I rented. It was only $30 or $35 to rent and it was so cute and comfortable.

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I haven’t been too active with my sewing machine lately, but I made these wine bags for Kelly’s bachelorette favors and they were so quick and easy! I had so much fun picking out the coordinating fabrics at Jo-Ann, and followed this tutorial. These would be cute for the holidays if you’re planning on gifting a lot of wine!


Doing yoga in random cities. This has been my new favorite pastime while traveling. It’s such a cool way to get a feel for a city! Last week I went to this Baptiste-style studio in WV- Power Yoga Morgantown- and I will definitely try to go every time I visit WVU. I also went to my first donation-based studio called Yoga to the People when I was in Tempe, AZ. Milton Yoga in Massachusetts was awesome, too. My instructor was Irish, so you can’t beat listening to that accent for an hour. A lot of studios do new student specials so if your company doesn’t let you expense exercise like mine does (I ❤ you, AB), you can still do it on the cheap.

The Affair. I can’t get enough of this show. It’s so good. I’ve also been watching Homeland, but it’s been really confusing this season. Sometimes I watch it and think “Am I too dumb for this show?” I also love How to Get Away with Murder. I despise the title but you should watch it anyway. I binge-watched the first season a couple months ago and got hooked. Viola Davis for the win.

If you need a laugh, I love this Alanis parody, this duet, and any edition of Mean Tweets. Also my new favorite Instagram is Sarah Fortune Gill (@sarafortune, #WatchIris). Her daughter is one of the funniest humans I’ve ever observed. She gives the twins of @bevcooks a run for their money.

Speaking of TV, I also binge-watched episodes of The Kitchen last weekend. I love it. There are a few recipes that I’m planning on trying/adapting soon and I’ll share them with you. There’s one dessert recipe that I’m hoping to make this weekend and share in time for Thanksgiving. Which is next week. WHAT?!

Let’s hope the dessert doesn’t fail or you might be getting another fake post next week.

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