wedding gift ideas!

Aren’t you thrilled that I’m giving you ideas now that wedding season is basically over? File this one for next year.

I can’t lie, I loathe shopping on wedding registries. Maybe this means that engaged couples hate me because I don’t like to buy what they’re asking for. I just can’t bring myself to do it the majority of the time.

These are a few wedding gifts I’ve done in the past that people have told me they really liked, so I’ll share with you in case you want to think outside of the registry box!

Date Box: My friend Stephanie and her husband Chris were moving to Charleston right after their wedding (he’s in the Navy). Marshall’s always has great decorative boxes, so I found a cute one there, and got them this great gift card that could be used at four different restaurants in Charleston. All are supposed to be awesome, and one of them is Husk which I can personally attest to. I also included two bottles of wine and two wine glasses. Steph and Chris both told me they loved it because it gave them a pre-planned outing in an unfamiliar (but amazing) city.

photo 3
my lunch at husk, one year ago this week! take me back.

Netflix/Movie Night In: For my friend Sarah’s wedding in December, I did a date-night-in box. I made them this quilt, gave them a cute popcorn bowl stuffed with popcorn, and a Netflix gift card. Sarah said it was her favorite gift!

Kevin "The Blanket Thief" McDermott trying to steal one of my quilts.

Year of Dates: I did this for Kelly and Aaron. It’s probably only good for a couple that you know really well, and preferably a couple who lives in a city you know really well. Twelve envelopes, each with an idea for a date. Some of them were just the idea, like going to DC for a night or throwing a Sunday football party (where I offered to make all the snacks). Others included gift certificates, one to my favorite Baltimore restaurant for their one year anniversary, and another to our favorite deli where I instructed them to grab sandwiches and have a picnic in Fed Hill park.

FullSizeRender (13)

Cookbook with a Kitchen Tool: For my cousin Katherine, I ordered this cookbook which has gotten rave reviews from some of my favorite bloggers (Jessica from How Sweet It Is, and Bev from BevCooks). With it, I got them this cool kitchen gadget which doubles as a Dutch oven and a cast iron skillet, both of which are essentials for recipes in Date Night In. I think I ordered it from Chefs, and got it for them in a pretty blue color. Also, make sure you use Ebates any time you’re ordering stuff online! Free money, people.

Something from their registry, and something that isn’t: For my friend Lauren’s wedding, I ordered them the steak knife set that they had registered for, plus an Omaha Steaks package. I thought it seemed more personal to add a little something else, plus who doesn’t love filet mignon wrapped in bacon?!

A fun event for a couple: For Andy and Monique, friends of ours from college, the GS and I got them a gift certificate to take a class together at Culinaerie in DC. We had so much fun when we went, and it’s super easy to get to DC from Baltimore for a night. They were very excited about this.

cooking school 020

Groom’s Gift: The GS was in the wedding we went to over Labor Day weekend, and wanted to go in on a “groom’s gift” with a few other friends. I suggested the coolest cooler because I personally think it’s incredible and really want one, but it was determined that we wouldn’t get it in time. Instead, they ended up ordering a Yeti cooler and filling it with beer for the day of the wedding. The groom loved it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure couples love getting the stuff they’re asking for, or just straight up cash. I just think that sometimes it’s fun to do something a little more memorable!

I promise you a recipe next week. I’ve been traveling all over Virginia and West Virginia this week for work, and this weekend I have… wait for it…

…another wedding.

Kitchen next week. Pinky swear.

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