the wedding

I talk about this with so much reverence that you would think it was my wedding. Nope, my sister’s. But it was seriously amazing and deserves an entire post devoted to some of my favorite photos from that day.

It’s also a post basically boasting about how awesome my mom and my Aunt Pat are. #pinterestqueens

This was a headboard. My mom turned it into a welcome sign.


A little tribute to where the guests traveled from to get there.


That dress though.

FullSizeRender (4)

Obviously the Baltimore beer needed representation in the beverage canoe.


Rustic bread bar during the cocktail hour? Yes please.

FullSizeRender (3)

Being the beer snob that I am, I was thrilled that they had an IPA and Octoberfest on tap. Also a selection of wine, including white zin (with ice) for one of our favorite ladies.


These enormous balloons were SO much fun. To blow up (the humor of a helium tank knows no age limit), and to pose with for photos.


The barn was just magical.

As was the tent. I can’t wait until the professional pictures come out, because the table formation and everything in the tent was so cool. Plus, beers for days.

IMG_0135I didn’t even think to take food photos, but luckily fellow bridesmaid Nell took one for me. There was beef tenderloin, salmon, roasted vegetables, and this orzo dish. I’m a food snob, clearly, and I thought the food was awesome. Way better than the food at most of the 18 other weddings I’ve been to this summer, and they pulled it off without a real kitchen and needing to transport it through the rain into the tent. Just sayin’.


Nell’s still working on her food photography skills so she can guest blog.

Kelly and Aaron are on their honeymoon, which means I have no one to cook for this week. Just me and the Kitchen Aid as roommates until they get back.

I don’t hate it.

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  1. lisa ryder says:

    Great pics! So sorry I miss the wedding but thx to your posts, FB & Insta, I feel like I was there. Pinterest queens did awesome job!You & Morgan looked gorgeous and of course Kelly took my breath away – LOVE that dress! (your mom referred to it as a “t-shirt dress w belt!” I was worried) Please let me know next time you’re in so cal. Love to have u back ANYTIME! Don’t be shy- consider this your west coast “camp”. If it’s a short trip I’ll meet u 1/2 way for amazing hike in Santa monica mts (and foodie lunch or dinner) xxLisa

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