ramen noodle salad

This one is coming from Phoenix! Holy hell it’s hot here. I landed last night at midnight and it was still ONE HUNDRED AND ELEVEN DEGREES outside. Then I had the creepiest Lyft driver ever who kept asking why I was being quiet and I was like “Uhh it feels like 3 AM to me, I was on a wine tour all day for my sister’s bachelorette, and you’re a stranger.”

Okay I didn’t say the last part. I have manners.

Last week I was in Massachusetts, then I flew to Syracuse for Kelly’s bridal shower and bachelorette which was the most fun weekend ever. There was a selfie stick.



Unfortunately, after said wine tour, I had to spend 6+ hours on planes coming to Phoenix. Let’s just say being drunk on a plane is overrated, especially when you’re hungover on the next one.

I’m using my jet lag as an excuse for the laziness of this post.

  1. I did not invent this recipe in any way. I didn’t even really change it, except for the proportions. More edamame and less ramen noodles. I could eat edamame by the pound. I also used barely any dressing- the recipe makes a lot.
  2. The pictures are rough, I know. Camp lighting is bad? I don’t know.
  3. But wait wait! This is seriously awesome. So yummy that the blushing bride ate the leftovers for breakfast on Sunday.


It’s healthy and crunchy and has so many flavorful things!


FullSizeRender (6)

I’m almost positive this is my last long trip. Looking forward to being done with my training period and getting back in the kitchen. Especially since Kelly got a lot of awesome kitchen stuff for her shower, like a KITCHEN AID.

FullSizeRender (7)


Just in case I didn’t convince you, here’s one of my favorite mini chefs fixing up some ramen salad!

FullSizeRender (8)

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