rochester food truck rodeo

Now that my days are numbered in Flower City, I’m trying to take advantage of some of the best things it has to offer. The fact that we’re finally creeping above 30 degrees is helping as well.

On the last Wednesday of every month from April-October, there is a food truck rodeo at the Rochester Public Market. Rohrbach Brewery brings 3-4 of their best beers, and they have live music and obviously a ton of food trucks. It’s a food blogger’s fantasy world.


I hit up the first one of 2015 with my friend Connor and his girlfriend, Hillary. She’s one of my favorite people because she 1) loves exercise and 2) dressed as Hagrid for Halloween one year. I have openly told Connor that he should marry her for these reasons, among others.


We each grabbed a beer (Railroad IPA for Connor and I, Blueberry Ale for Hillary) and walked around to scope out our options.


Last time we came I got a pulled pork sandwich with apple slaw from Marty’s. It was amazing (rivaled Dinosaur BBQ) but was not ideal to eat one-handed. Seating is limited at these shindigs.


I also considered the goat cheese and spinach from Cheesed and Confused, but I figured that’s probably something I could make at home. I was in the mood for something exotic.


I settled on the Stingray Sushi Fusion truck.


It’s hard to read here, but I ordered their specialty, interestingly called the “Trasher”. It’s a rice bowl with grilled beef, fried shrimp, tomato, scallion, jalapeno, bell peppers, cucumbers, sriracha, ginger mayo, stingray sauce, onion crunchies, black sesame, and fried garlic.


The line took foreeeeever but this thing was worth the wait. They were making everything to order (including the sushi rolls) which may not be the best business model for an event like this, but I respect their style. When they called my name this guy ran forward and tried to steal my food and I was ready to throw down. Apparently his name was Larry. “Erin”, “Larry”, I guess I can understand it. You would think I would be more sympathetic to someone who potentially had hearing loss, but I was hungry.


Connor opted for buffalo mac and cheese from Mac-a-Rollin, and Hillary got some truffle fries to snack on.

Close up of those fries.

3We also got free ice cream sandwiches from a friend of Hillary’s who has her own stand. Not a truck, because it’s attached to a bike. They make all kinds of organic and vegan desserts. We got the sweet rose ice cream between shortbread cookies.



I’m just glad we picked these up once feeling was restored to my taste buds. That sriracha on my trasher was no joke. Their shortbread cookies were perfect, and I was a big fan of the ice cream. I think it’s the first time I’ve had anything rose-flavored, and it was not as floral-y as I expected. Just mildly sweet.

If you’re in the Rochester area and haven’t checked this out, it is a must see!


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