out of the kitchen

Why have I been neglecting you?

The simplest answer is that I took 8 flights in two weeks. Traveling lady.

The first trip was to Baltimore for a job interview. And hey, I got the job! I’ll be moving back to Baltimore in less than a month!

The next trip was to Kiawah for Easter. Celebratory beers on the Ocean Course with my family were a must.

beerThere was also some Spikeball on the beach. If you haven’t played, I highly recommend it.


gatorWe visited the Mellow Mushroom in Charleston for some high quality pizza. This is one spot that the GS and I didn’t get to while we were there, highly recommend!


Then I was back in Rochester for less than 48 hours before flying down to DC for a conference. The GS just moved there, so I got to see his new digs and explore the neighborhood.

This is Compass Coffee, right across from his apartment building. One of the best iced coffees I’ve ever had.


His building is also right next to a Thai restaurant (Beau Thai) and he had NEVER HAD THAI FOOD BEFORE. Clearly I have, and we had to go.

som tam

Solid som tam. Too spicy for him, but I loved it. I had the drunken noodles, and he had crab fried rice.

drunken noodles

fried rice

We ordered mango sticky rice to go, and that was the only disappointing course. The sticky rice was literally one solid cake. It was depressing. But I would still recommend the place for their apps and entrees.

We also went to a place called Chaplin’s for dinner one night. If you had to guess what kind of cuisine they would serve, would you guess Japanese? I wouldn’t. But we enjoyed it! I had the chicken yakisoba, and the GS ordered some kind of ramen with pork belly. Very reasonable and good draft list!



DC is beautiful this time of year. I know everyone is talking about the cherry blossoms, but I’m a big fan of these tulips.


Maybe because we decided to go see the cherry blossoms once it was already dark outside.

cherry blossomsI’m hoping to make a few good meals in my little kitchen in Rochester before I roll out of this town. Thanks for your patience.


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