chipotle cucumber turkey pita

I know what you’re thinking. Hasn’t blogged in two weeks, and then returns with… a sandwich?

Yes, that is actually the best I could do.

As I mentioned I was in a car accident, car was totaled, needed to buy a new one, yada yada stress on my life.

BUT I ended up going with this gem. Meet Gretel. (Name cred- Kelly, photo cred- my dad).


I had to go home a bunch of times to pick out the car, sign paperwork, etc. Thank goodness my father is a patient man, because I am clueless about real life things. Ears? I know a lot about those. While at home, I stockpiled sauce and meatballs  and ate it for literally 7 nights in a row. Never got sick of it, just ran out.

Then I moved on to this sandwich, which is both delicious and very inexpensive. I’m pretending that a moderate car payment is going to leave me poor and homeless.

The idea is sort of stolen from my mom, who eats hummus and cucumber on pita fairly regularly. Obviously I had to add some fat and protein to that concoction. I also picked spicy chipotle hummus because why not? You can use any variety you like but I’m a big fan of the spicy kick.


I used Pocket Thins which are wonderful, but any pita will do. I also went with honey roasted turkey breast. And sharp cheddar cheese. And a cucumber is a cucumber. I peeled it.

I won’t teach you how to assemble a sandwich. You’re all educated folks.



I will try to make something more interesting soon. My life stress (buying a car, finding a job, etc.) has been leeching my creativity, I think. But I’ve been reading like a fiend since I finished Breaking Bad on Netflix (I know I’m a few years behind on that one but OMG SO GOOD), so I’m gearing up to do another Kindle post very soon.

I’ll try to make sure it isn’t soup again but with this weather I’m not making any promises.

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