cleansing again

Hey friends!

My supervisor just said “One Thursday a month we have business meeting. You’re not invited. Go do something else.”

Why, good morning to you too!

So I thought I would share some photo evidence of my fooding this week. As I mentioned I’m doing the cleanse again, but I modified it this time.

I think the reason I started to feel so yucky toward the end is because of all the red meat. I eat red meat MAYBE once a month. Not because I don’t like it but because I usually can’t afford to buy the good stuff, whether that means a good steak or some grass fed ground beef for burgers.

So this time I decided to do the first four days the same way (fruit, veggies, fruit & veggies, bananas and milk), and then tomorrow I’m going to probably finish up all the fruit and veggies I still have but not be too restricted with whatever else I need to eat to get through the day.

This week feels like The Very Hungry Caterpillar. I ate…

One whole watermelon


One pound of asparagus and one (small) butternut squash


A whole bunch of other fruit including apples, nectarines, grapes, and blueberries. And a whole bunch of regular old salad with raw green beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, and red onion. I let myself use tiny amounts of olive oil to roast some veggies, and a little oil and vinegar on the salad. Very little salt and pepper overall. I also didn’t bother making the soup this time around because I didn’t really like it last time- kind of a waste of ingredients.

And today is my favorite day of all, bananas and milk!


I made my banana drink this morning- one banana, ice, milk, cinnamon, and a little flax.



I need a manicure, but look how pretty my building is with the exposed brick!

I’ve been trying to keep my workouts this week lower impact- more yoga and less intense cardio. I also have shin splints which are a bitch so I haven’t been able to run anyway. I went to my favorite yoga studio on Tuesdsay for hot yoga and it was changed last minute to outdoor yoga in the park across the street.

I thought my OCD wouldn’t be able to handle the change in plans but it was actually really nice.


I’ve also been going to bed way earlier which I LOVE. Nothing like climbing under the sheets with my Kindle when it’s still light out.


I’m going to Rhode Island this weekend to visit the GS’ family (yay!!) so hopefully I’ll get inspired and have some new summery recipes next week.

Happy almost weekend!

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