lentil salad w/ apples & blue cheese

I’m moving so soon.

It’s freaking me out a little but is also very exciting. Because I’m planning to move out of Baltimore in my Honda Civic, I’ve been getting rid of things like crazy. Donating clothes, selling furniture, throwing away garbage bags of crap that I can’t quite figure out how I accumulated.

This includes my kitchen supply. I’m trying not to grocery shop too much and just use what I have in my pantry. The other night I made brown rice with sauteed onions and Lipton soup mix. It wasn’t half bad.

I also had most of a bag of lentils from when I made these lentil chickpea burgers months ago. The lentils probably cost me 99 cents but instead of throwing away the bag I spent about $10 to make them into something delicious. Logic.

I already had leftover chicken stock in my freezer, and a whole bunch of Granny Smith apples. The GS’ boss’ wife packs him a lunch every day which includes a Granny Smith apple. His boss doesn’t eat it, and instead gives it to the GS, who also doesn’t eat it and just leaves them at my house in the hope that they’ll eventually become apple cheesecake crumble, apple crisp, or apple cake.

They usually do.

But I went the salad route this time around and ohhh my gooodnessss it was so good. I know it seems like a random assortment of junk but just go with me.

lentil salad 002

Lentil Salad w/ Apples and Blue Cheese

spinach/arugula/lettuce blend of your choice

lentils, cooked in chicken stock (or water to make this veg friendly)

granny smith apple, sliced thinly

wedge of stinky blue cheese

soft boiled eggs

olive oil, lemon zest & juice, shallots, salt & pepper for dressing

Such great flavor combinations here. The acidity from the lemon, tart apple, adding a little egg yolk into the mix. I could just eat straight up apples and blue cheese for a snack.  I liked adding the lentils in there while they were still warm for a little temperature contrast, too. PROTEIN!

lentil salad 003

Good thing I cooked about a pound of lentils so I’ll be eating this for dinner for the next four nights.

lentil salad 004

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