portuguese sweet bread

Another installment of Easter food that is coming at you about 349 days too early.

easter 018

An Easter tradition in our family used to be wearing coordinated outfits lovingly made by my mom.

easter 001

Yes I actually was one of the ugliest children in the world.

The GS informed me that one of the Easter traditions in his family is Portuguese sweet bread. He described it as “I don’t know, Erin, it’s like regular bread I think but it has a hard boiled egg in it.”

Challenge accepted.

Like all things, I did exhaustive research on said bread and settled on a recipe to serve as my inspiration. I picked this one mainly because it was a braided loaf which looked exciting and adventurous.

That recipe has raisins in it but no egg, so I had to make some adjustments.

The GS gave me one of those nifty egg timers once that you put in the water with the eggs and it changes color to tell you when they’re soft boiled or hard boiled.

This egg timer has been used once, unfortunately placed in a pot of boiling water with a frozen filet mignon steak by a beloved friend of ours who will not be named and who was more than a little inebriated at the time, just looking for a midnight snack.

I haven’t actually seen the egg timer since then, but I use this method for perfect hard boiled eggs every time.

Then I dyed the eggs to throw into the braid to make it pretty and festive.

easter 014

Other than that, I pretty much followed all of Natasha’s instructions, except I used closer to 6 cups of flour than 6 1/2. I also made it into one giant loaf into two separate ones, which resulted in a slightly under-cooked middle so I would probably make it two loaves next time.

And there will be a next time. The bread is so soft and buttery and not too sweet. It sort of reminds me of pretzel bread but it’s fluffier. I can’t wait to eat it toasted this week, slathered in Kelly’s Nutella since she’s out of town.

easter 016

I loaned her my Kindle for the trip so that seems like an even trade.

easter 017


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  1. Your braid is gorgeous! I’m so glad you enjoyed the recipe. It’s also amazing as buns! Thanks so much for the link love 😉

    1. Thank YOU for the recipe. It’s still great as toast four days later! Love it.

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