soy ginger chicken thighs

Hey guess what! My thesis defense is Tuesday.

Am I ready? Ehhh..

Do I care? Ehhh…

I just got comments back from my committee on my document and one of them basically questioned the purpose of the entire study so I just clickety clicked “Delete Comment” on good old Microsoft Word and breezed past that hiccup.

I have a feeling she might bring it up again in the defense.

Instead of focusing on that I’m thinking about what I’m going to wear to it- heels only look professional if you can stand in them steadily. I’m also deciding where I’m going to do my celebratory drinking once it’s all over.

Assuming I pass which, really, is up in the air.

In the mean time my whole family is going on vaca to Charleston for Easter and I can’t go because, wait, I’m still a student. This is getting really old.

Also I found out that my contract for my residency in Rochester still hasn’t gone through which is excellent now that I’ve signed a year lease starting June 1st.

The moral of the story is, my life is in shambles. Let’s keep laughing about it and eat some chicken.

I’m going to be honest, I didn’t measure anything. I usually don’t when I cook (only baking- chemistry at its finest) but my estimates here are going to be especially rough.

Soy Ginger Chicken Thighs

one package boneless skinless chicken thighs (mine had 5 in it)

about 1/4 cup balsamic vinegar

about 2 tbs low sodium soy sauce

about 1/4 cup olive oil

a little grated fresh ginger (maybe 1/4 – 1/2 inch?)

2 cloves grated garlic

about 1-2 tsp honey

Whisk all of this together and toss it with the chicken. Let it marinate for at least an hour.

Sear both sides of each chicken thigh in a skillet. Pour the remaining marinade over the chicken in a baking dish an let it finish cooking in the oven- I did it at 425 (only because I was simultaneously roasting asparagus) for about 10 minutes and it was fully cooked.

Top with chopped scallions and enjoy! I served it with the asparagus and some brown rice.

This is a great summer marinade for any protein and would be good on the grill too.

image (1)

True to form, I took one picture and inhaled it.


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