fleur de sel chocolate chip blondies

I’m a bargain shopper.

I shop at Target, Marshalls, the sale rack at Lord & Taylor. Well now I mostly don’t shop at all. But when I need to buy anything , I use Ebates. Send me a check for $2, I’ll take it.

My desire for sales also translates to food. I went to 7-11 last night because I had a sweet tooth and I was at the GS’s house and he never has any food. One pint of Ben & Jerry’s: $5.49. Two pints of Ben & Jerry’s: $6.99. Sold.

So once upon a time I went to BJ’s and bought four pounds of butter. What human would ever need four pounds of butter? A restaurant owner, perhaps. Certainly not a single lady baker such as myself. But it was soooo cheap.

And I haven’t baked for you in a long time. I’ve been doing a lot of my single serving vegan cookies because I have a hard time with portion control. When I do bake cookies, I’ve been making the Quaker Oatmeal Raisin cookies and adding chocolate chips to them.

Aaron gave me an entire case of Quaker oatmeal because he works for Pepsi—> Pepsi owns Quaker—> and he saw me using store brand one time.  Seriously, 24 containers of old fashioned rolled oats. I tried to make the cookies using the recipe on the back of the container but the ones he gave me were for food service, and therefore the recipe was for 16 dozen cookies. Even four pounds of butter wasn’t enough for that.

I digress.

These blondies are the perfect use for a good portion of that butter. I followed this recipe from one of my dessert idols Anne Thornton. They melt in your mouth.

blondies 006

blondies 007

blondies 008

blondies 009

The only thing I changed was the chocolate chips- I definitely didn’t add three cups.

blondies 011

Although I could have, BJ’s sells 5 lb bags of Nestle semisweet. You KNOW that’s in my pantry.

blondies 012

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