my go-to weeknight dinner

I sincerely apologize for my hiatus.

I’ve been so bogged down with schoolwork that last Saturday night I was still plugging away on the couch late enough to hear all the fun kids coming home from the bars. I needed someone to shout “last call” for research on the middle latency response. Seriously, haven’t been out in over a month.

Once I got through my midterm on Friday, I was planning to 1) be social this weekend and 2) make something great to share here. Perhaps provide you with another edible apology for my absence. Instead, I contracted food poisoning/a stomach virus/meningitis that resulted in me being down and out for the weekend.

Okay, it wasn’t meningitis. Turns out a stiff neck can be the result of infected cerebrospinal fluid OR sleeping on your bathroom floor.

I’m just getting my appetite back, so I decided to share my favorite easy weeknight dinner with you (which I’m actually eating as I type). It’s really easy, tasty, and only takes about 15-20 minutes from start to finish. I eat this at least once a week.

Chicken with Peppers & Onions over Brown Rice

1-2 chicken breasts

garlic salt, kosher salt, & freshly ground black pepper

olive oil

1/2 medium onion (any variety)

1-2 bell peppers (any color)

1-2 garlic cloves, minced

2 cups cooked brown rice

Pat the chicken dry and season both sides with the garlic salt, kosher salt, and pepper. Pan-fry in a little bit of olive oil until both sides are brown and the inside is cooked through. Remove the chicken from the pan.

Dice all of the vegetables into bite-sized pieces. Throw them into the same pan you cooked the chicken in. In the mean time, cook your rice. I use the boil-in-bag kind for convenience, but if you’re a rice snob you can cook regular brown rice. (I’ve had both, I can’t taste the difference.)

Cut the chicken into bite-sized pieces, and combine with vegetables and cooked rice.

This might seem like a cop-out, but I’m still re-acquainting my body with food so please excuse the lack of creativity.

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