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Let’s be real, I haven’t cooked anything. I just ate cereal for dinner.

BUT I’ve been saving pictures of food I’ve eaten at different spots in Baltimore for a while now. I figured it was a good idea after I read this article about the “dangers of food porn.” It was a semi-ridiculous piece about how people see all these photos of beautiful food on the internet and it makes them eat without thinking. It made me laugh because I definitely spend more time looking at Foodgawker than Facebook. Choosing my addictions wisely.

Falafel from the Gypsy Truck. There was a food truck rally at the Baltimore Museum of Industry pretty close to our house, so Molly and I walked down back in the spring and waited 45 minutes. Me, for falafel, she for a crab cone. I am one of the least patient people when it comes to food, and this was worth the wait.

Oyster Shots at Mama’s on the Half Shell in Canton. Beer with Old Bay seasoning and an oyster. Sounds gross, but I kind of loved it. The ones with vodka instead of beer, though, I would  not try.

Slice of cheese at Hot Tomatoes, Fells Point. This place looks like it wouldn’t pass inspection, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they were open from the hours of 11 PM-4 AM. However, it’s the best pizza I have EVER had. Look for the red white and green awning.

Crab cake slider at Regi’s Bistro. This is part of the Federal Hill food tour! Everyone always asks where to get good crab cakes when they come to Baltimore. The key is lots of crab and not a lot of filler. Regi’s has it. They have a farm-to-fork philosophy and everything is really fresh. They even have a garden on the roof!

Fish tacos at Ryleigh’s Oyster, Federal Hill. This was my birthday happy hour food! You can’t tell in this picture, but the taco in the middle had different toppings. On Tuesday nights they have “Shore Night,” which includes crab, oyster, and shrimp specials and cheaper drinks.

Iceberg salad from Abbey Burger Bistro, Federal Hill. I hate myself a little for being that girl to order a salad at a burger place. BUT the other two times I’ve been there I’ve gotten burgers and they have been great. Plus this salad had like 15 pounds of bleu cheese on it. They do “meats of the month” which are all kinds of crazy things like duck and kangaroo and ostrich. I would never eat kangaroo meat after seeing a real live kangaroo with a joey in its pouch on a night safari in Thailand. No way, Jose. Too cute. But the others I would try.

The ‘Brittani Spears’ at The Hill, Federal Hill. Also on the food tour! I apologize for the lighting in this one, it doesn’t do it justice. The chef/owner of this place (Tony) is an original South Baltimore fella who likes to name dishes on the menu after loyal patrons. One of his customers, Brittani, asked to have something named after her and he agreed, but compromised and chose the last name of a former  member of the Mickey Mouse Club that happens to be more recognizable. Filet mignon tips with grilled pineapple, onions and tomatoes, served with goat cheese over herbed rice. Sounds like a weird combination, but I’d eat it every day.

And last but CERTAINLY not least, the chicken kabob platter from Baba’s, Federal Hill. I’ve mentioned this place before, it’s our favorite spot in the neighborhood. Reasonably priced, delicious Mediterranean food, BYOB. Need I say more?

I promise I have some recipes coming- I’ve been creating a mental grocery list that is quite extensive.

I’ll also keep embarrassing my company when I go out to eat by taking pictures, and perhaps we can do a part 2 of this post. And if you come to Baltimore, call me. We’ll go out for breakfast lunch and dinner.

**Note: I realized after publishing that it seems a bit hypocritical that I’m always crying ‘poor’ and then posting all these fancy looking feasts. Please realize (before judging my money management) that I’ve been collecting these photos for approximately 6 months, two of them are from a food tour, and one of them is a $3 slice of pizza. Once 2015 hits and I’m done with school I’ll be a real restaurant hopper. Promise.

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