birthday cupcakes

Hey hey, yesterday was my birthday!

Social media has made birthdays so interesting. The vast majority of the people who write on your wall would probably have no idea what month (or possibly even what season) your birthday falls in if not for Mark Zuckerberg. It’s still nice to receive notifications that 87,000 people sent you birthday greetings, but it makes me wonder what it was like in the olden days when only your mom remembered your b-day because it was the most excrutiating one of her life. (Mine wished me a happy birthday first and foremost through Words with Friends chat. Again, social media at its finest).

My favorite wall post was from this kid who I know for a fact hated me in high school, because he told my sister Morgan that he thought I was a “stuck up bitch” (perhaps gossip with someone who doesn’t share my DNA?) He wrote on my wall “happy birthday” sans exclamation point. Basically that means you don’t mean it.

Anyway, this August I worked at least one of my jobs for 26 days straight which was bananas, so I finally took yesterday off since it was the anniversary of my birth and also the day before my first day of class for the semester (today- yay!! #nerdalert). I made it a serious Erin day: Bikram yoga, manicure/pedicure, grocery shopping, another batch of sourdough, happy hour and dinner at Ryleigh’s Oyster, and of course baking my own birthday cupcakes.

After last year’s success with the s’mores pie, I figured my best bet was to stick with a decadent recipe from our favorite, Jess.

So I made these mocha coconut frappuchino cupcakes. I followed the recipe exactly, except that I subsituted the sour cream for vanilla Greek yogurt. And they were G-L-A-M-O-R-OUS.

Check out those flamez.

I refrigerated them AND served them with ice cream, both of which were great ideas. Also, these really taste like coffee, so if you don’t like coffee flavor you should add less instant powder, or maybe not make them at all. Except that you definitely should make them.

Oh, and BTW, somebody brought me flowers and flours.

Serious blushing. Hiding my face behind another cupcake.

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