charm city food tours

How cool is this?? My three favorite things combined: talking, food, and Baltimore.

I got a job giving food tours in Federal Hill (where I live) in March, but I usually don’t get to eat on the tour and I feel odd asking if I can photograph the guests’ food before they start eating. I’m learning the Little Italy/Jonestown one now and got to shadow it yesterday, so I dutifully took a bunch of pictures to share! Feast your eyes…

First stop: Attman’s Deli

This is the oldest family owned deli in the country! It’s in what used to be Jonestown, the largest Jewish community in Maryland. We had their famous corned beef sandwich with homemade mustard. There has never been a time where I’ve passed this place and there isn’t a huge line.

Second stop: Ciao Bella

Right in the heart of Baltimore’s Little Italy, better known to the residents as “The Neighborhood,” this restaurant celebrates its 21st anniversary this fall. The owner, Tony, is convinced I’m 16 years old. His meatballs are the bomb though, so I’ll allow it.

stereotypical Italian man- Tony himself

Third stop: Osteria da Amedeo

This is a cute little wine bar in Little Italy that has a wide variety of reds and whites, discount wines, and small plates. We could choose Pinot Grigio or Sangiovese, and we had little paninis. Yuuuuum.

Fourth and final stop: Piedigrotta

Antonio and his wife Bruna were both born and raised in Italy, and after they got married opened a cafe called Piedigrotta. Eventually they moved to the states and opened a duplicate here! We had fresh pasta bolognese, and tiramisu. Antonio is actually credited with inventing tiramisu! Delicious.

This was probably everyone’s favorite stop. We were so full but the food was great so we sucked it up. Bruna saw a little pasta left on my plate and poked me and said “Finish finish!” If you insist.

We also got a tour of the kitchen from Antonio. I can’t say enough good things about this place- kitchen was spotless, everything is fresh and homemade, and they are the sweetest people in the world.

Antonio (in white) and Bruna (in blue with the apron)

The company I work for- Food Tour Corp– runs food tours in 10 cities I highly recommend checking it out!

P.S. They aren’t paying me to advertise (maybe they should be…) I genuinely just love giving the tours and think any foodie would have a great time!

Just come hungry.

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