classic reuben

Sorry to anyone who is over the whole corned beef and cabbage thing after yesterday.

Or maybe you overindulged on a different Irish delicacy and this is just the thing to pull you out of your hangover. You never know!

Like a good Irish girl, I’ve loved corned beef since I was little. I was that weirdo in third grade who ate corned beef sandwiches for lunch when everyone else was noshing on PB&J. Good thing I’m so normal now.

And I’ve been suffering from NRNS the entire month of March. AKA Need a Reuben Now Syndrome from the Arby’s commercials.

However, I would not cave and go to Arby’s for a reuben. My dad got really bad food poisoning from Arby’s when he was in high school and lost like 20 pounds in a week, and he hasn’t been back since. Not even for a fountain soda. So I essentially grew up thinking that the Arby’s chain was a giant cesspool of E. coli and roast beef. And I don’t think I’ll ever eat it- I got my Irish genes from my dad so I’ll trust his instincts on this one.

So how convenient that I arrived home and my mom had everything I needed in my fridge!

First you have to make your own Thousand Island dressing. Mix ketchup and mayo until it’s a somewhat unpleasant shade of pink, then add your dill relish.

I start layering my sandwich with the corned beef so that the bread doesn’t get soggy. Then add a light layer of dressing, Swiss cheese, and finally sauerkraut.

Put a couple more slices of cheese on the other piece of rye bread, and put it all under the broiler, open faced.

Once the bread is lightly toasted and the cheese is melted, take it out and dig in.

And Happy Belated St. Patty’s Day!

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