cinnamon sugar pull-apart bread

It’s December! Whoa. Do we know what this means?

1) The countdown to ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas is over, and now the actual 25 Days of Christmas is beginning. A countdown to a countdown? If you say so. All I know is “Desperately Seeking Santa” is two hours of my life I’ll never get back.

2) We have yet to turn on our heat. Yes, we’re energy stars. Yes, Kelly and I grew up in Syracuse and our CNY blood can handle this feeble attempt at winter Maryland is throwing at us. No, we three smart girls cannot figure out how to turn it on.

3) According to Emily Post (my mother) we’re allowed to put up our Christmas decorations! Last night we had a decorating party and everyone drank eggnog spiked with Jameson and red wine. Everyone but me, of course. But why wouldn’t I, the sober girl, spill red wine on our kitchen carpet? Ice and a little drizzle of Yellowtail Pinot Grigio took that right out.

4) Finals are coming. School is not fun. Last night I was complaining to my mom about how stressed I am and she said “Well Erin, if you don’t have any time maybe you should give up the blog.” After freaking out and explaining that cooking and blogging are cathartic and I need some stress relief and omg mom how could you suggest I give up the blog and I’m not going to let school ruin my life.. I decided to suck it up and stop complaining.

5) I leave for Thailand in 26 days WHATTTT.. maybe I should plan something other than my flights to and from. #worldtraveler

6) Start baking all the time. Things that make your kitchen smell like Christmas, like this bread from Joy the Baker.

Her pictures are better than mine, but here’s my best attempt.

I’ve never had eggnog, but I bet this would go swimmingly with it. Or whatever beverage your little heart desires. I’m sure Sheila will provide us with a drunken holiday treat soon enough. Happy December!

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