zucchini pistou

Sheila has been showing off all her pretty lake pictures in Platty Plattsburgh, so in order to even the score I’ll give the brackish waters of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor some face time.

I took these while I was out for a run on Tuesday. I imagine I was a bit of a conundrum, familiar enough to be running down there but looking like a total tourist taking pictures of the water taxi on my phone. Whatevs, I’m not looking to make friends with locals.

It actually is beautiful down here. We finally have fall weather, so when it’s not raining it’s fantastic. Except people are already breaking out the Northfaces. It’s 65 degrees out people! I guess not everyone grew up in the CNY.

So yes, I’m giving you yet another zucchini recipe. I apologize for my monotony. I made this for the first time over the winter when I was bored at home and unemployed. That particular night my mom was arriving home from Florida- she went down to visit my Grandma and got “stuck” there for an extra 5 days because of the snow, while I took care of her husband and child. And Kelly came home from Baltimore to surprise us so it worked out well that I had made 16 pounds of pasta.

I found this recipe on my friend Tina’s blog, Sisters Running the Kitchen. I’ve made it a few times since then, and I should mention (because pine nuts give Sheila the heebie jeebies) that I’ve substituted them for sunflower seeds and walnuts, and both worked out fine. And are probably significantly cheaper than my beloved pignoles.

I’ve also excluded the heavy cream, and don’t use fresh parmesan because I’m poor. Sorry Tina, sorry Cooking Light. It’s still delicious though!

And I just finished my first week of midterms, so I’m about to dive into my bag of chocolate chips and/or a beer. Happy Friday!

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